Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière: Inspire Me Thursday

So- I was just breezing through all the illustrator blogs ( and feeling like a poser) when I stumbled across the "Inspire Me Thursday" link. I was so moved by the theme this week- I decided to take a stab at it. What a fascinating painting. I couldn't stop thinking about it all night. I loved working on this as much as I imagine Sophia Coppola loved recreating the world of Maria Antoinette. I did several sketches, but this one is my favorite.

The challenge was to do your own take on the painting. The original is shown below. Go ahead try it! I double dog dare ya.


  1. I love your take on her and the way we have all interpreted her in a different way!hope to see you here again by the way.

  2. i love what you did....really super cool....
    thanks so much for your sweet note!! it really made my day.
    and i'm so glad to have found your fun blog
    all the best

  3. Great job, I love your sketch! And I'm glad you are now part of the IMT team, it's fun! Your work is very inspiring and beautiful. :)

  4. I guess the soft look of your piece is one of the thing that makes it stands out most. Great! Love it!

  5. Wow! Great's a great interpretation!

  6. fantastic interpretation! thanks for sharing :)

  7. oh wow Lisa!!! this is wonderful!!!