Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big news... HUGE.

I got one of the greatest freelance jobs ever...
This is a viral demo/promo/sweeptstakes for Dell computers. I was responsible for all illustrations- and that is my only photogenic body part (my left arm) demonstrating the software. What an amazing experience.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Illustration Friday: Savour

The most prolific female serial killer of all time... we think. Elizabeth Bathory liked to play with her food before she ate it. What began with severe beatings to her servants led to a very dark road into the occult and human sacrifice. She would seek out torture devices in Venice that allowed her to extract the most blood possible from a body in her lust to drink and bathe in it. Savouring every drip. Torture methods included starvation, mutilation, star-kicking, the iron maiden, and skin peeling.

Stories passed on through the generations claimed that she tortured and killed exactly 650 female victims. This was all written down in a book- but that book was never found.

I think it's safe to say, Bathory was a sociopath.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Illustration Friday: Sneaky

Sarah Hussey was born rich, so of course- poor-ish nobles were lining up for her hand in marriage. She ended up marrying George Carpenter- the Earl of Tyrconnel. He had already been married, but quickly swept that under the carpet. Sarah was quite bored with her old husband and began partying and boyfriend-hunting. She hit the jackpot in 1788 when she began an affair with Prince Frederick, Duke of York. The press had a field day and like an 18th century version of the Lohans... Sarah's father and brother were quite proud of the attention she was getting(creepy.) Frederick broke off the affair a year later, much to the dismay of the Hussey men.

Sarah moved on, and had another affair with John, Earl of Strathmore. Once again, satirical prints loved the  little Countess' affair and publicized it mercilessly. But this time- it was different- Sarah was in love. She packed up, left poor George and ran away with John to live in sin. Pretty sneaky aye?  She died at the age of 37 from a very bad cold. She is buried in Westminster Abbey.

They Draw & Cook Holiday Recipe Contest.

Here is my submission for the holiday contest at They Draw And Cook. There's money to be had- so if you haven't checked it out--- GO FOR IT. Anyone can enter.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forgot to add this...

Just got back from my Chicago trip- can't wait to post a link for what I was working on--- an interactive, fully illustrated story for a Dell Computer Commercial- they filmed me drawing! Strange and wonderful.

Anyhoo... Forgot to mention that the lovely and talented Salli S. Swindell brought me a much treasured autograph from another one of my favorite illustrators... Mr. Michael Robertson.
I shall treasure it always... :) I Love all my blog friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog Family Ties.

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting a couple of our blog family's royalty tonight...
I've been saying all week that the stars are aligned above Chicago- and they truly are. I flew in Monday and it just so happens that Super Salli and Nate the Great were here too.

Good times, many many laughs...  I wish I brought a camera.

I'm flattered to be a part of They Draw and Cook- so meeting them was like meeting a couple of rock stars.
And just for the record- Salli has AMAZING jewelry. Just Sayin'

Deborah Mori's name came up quite a bit. I think Salli & Deborah might have been cut from the same mold. Were your ears ringing???

I can't wait to meet more of you...


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Illustration Friday: Afterwards

Anne of Brittany led a very sad life... she gave birth 14 times, but only 2 survived childhood. She died of a kidney stone attack at the Chateau of Blois in the winter of 1514. AFTERWARDS- they mourned the queen for 40 days (inspiring all future French royal funerals until the 18th century) and per her will-  Anne's heart was placed in a raised enamel gold reliquary. It is currently in the DobrĂ©e Museum in Nantes.

Although she had many admirable qualities as a patron of the arts and Queen... I find the fact that she wore white to her 3rd wedding the most impressive.

"I'm not drinking any f'ing Merlot"

Holy Mixed Media! Watercolor, ink, colored pencil, digital overlays, and grapes OH MY!