Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog Family Ties.

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting a couple of our blog family's royalty tonight...
I've been saying all week that the stars are aligned above Chicago- and they truly are. I flew in Monday and it just so happens that Super Salli and Nate the Great were here too.

Good times, many many laughs...  I wish I brought a camera.

I'm flattered to be a part of They Draw and Cook- so meeting them was like meeting a couple of rock stars.
And just for the record- Salli has AMAZING jewelry. Just Sayin'

Deborah Mori's name came up quite a bit. I think Salli & Deborah might have been cut from the same mold. Were your ears ringing???

I can't wait to meet more of you...



  1. hA!!!! i just posted a similar message on my blog!!!! thanks so much for a great dinner + evening of laughter! here are the links to the jewelers that keep me adorned ; )

  2. i know, why no pics?? duh. i am still laughing at some of the stories going around the table : )

  3. Dang.... I'm so green with envy! Wish I was a fly on the wall, or better yet, seated at that fabulous table of illustration stars!