Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forgot to add this...

Just got back from my Chicago trip- can't wait to post a link for what I was working on--- an interactive, fully illustrated story for a Dell Computer Commercial- they filmed me drawing! Strange and wonderful.

Anyhoo... Forgot to mention that the lovely and talented Salli S. Swindell brought me a much treasured autograph from another one of my favorite illustrators... Mr. Michael Robertson.
I shall treasure it always... :) I Love all my blog friends.


  1. you posted the autograph!!! i love it!

  2. I should've put it up with the other post- but I just got back last night!! What a trip! :)

  3. Lisa, you are too hilarious! I'm both flattered and embarrassed...and I just noticed that I spelled 'you're' wrong. Now I'm really embarrassed. Congrats on your commercial-I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  4. hahahahaha. didn't even notice! lol.