Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Round 'Em Up... Yeehaw.

Thanks to a friend's special request, I'm now offering a new theme to my "I've Arrived" birth posters. A Cowboy! Yeehaw! You can see the finished themes  here. I'll be adding more as the orders roll in. (gosh I hope the orders roll in! lol.)


  1. i love your sketches!! espec. calm your own storms...i found you while blog surfing a little & so glad i did! bestbest to your heart & pen!! xo

  2. Thanks Rachel! Nice to meet you. :)
    Calm your own storm is the name of a poem I wrote years ago- someday I'll be brave enough to put the poem with the illustration!

  3. i love it!! super fun....(goes with all the cowboy boots i love so much)
    i hope the orders roll in, too!!