Sunday, March 21, 2010

Personal and not-so-Confidential.

A very brilliant and beautiful friend (DM) pointed out that I have very little personal information on my blog. This was not intentional- more a result of putting absolutely everything on Facebook.
So here it goes for my new blog friends. But enough about me, lets talk about me...

11 Things You Don't Know About Lisa Graves
1. I am a gambling fool. Casinos, Scratch Tickets, Keno, anything but sports.
2. I am a Harry Potter FANatic. I've read all 7 books at least 4 times each and fought my husband to name our children Phinneaus (as in Phinneaus Nigellus Black) and Hermione. My next dog will be named either Ludo Bagman, Mundungus Fletcher, or Argus. I also use a very obscure HP name on Facebook.
3. I have been proposed to 4 times, twice at the same restaurant in Carmel, CA. This is more about being "fun on vacation" as opposed to being "good wife material".
4. Full-time illustrating is fairly new to me. I was a Creative Director in New York for 10 years and after a long evaluation of what made me happiest- Illustration won. This causes me to constantly feel like a poser.
5. Ever since watching Poltergeist- I have to jump into my bed from 4 ft. out for fear of the clown grabbing my ankle. I also won't get out of bed between 3 and 4am because its the "witching hour" and one should never wander around a 150-year-old New England house at that hour anyway.
6. For me, playing the piano is like therapy. Its also a lot cheaper than a shrink. I recently got my childhood piano back and just the sight of it made me cry.
7. I would rather have a root canal than get on a treadmill or a stairmaster- but I'd play Volleyball 7 days a week if I could. Because of this- I'm putting in a REAL vb court next month... an outdoor one of course.
8. I was once kicked out of a playgroup for being too "abrasive" for the other mothers, ahem-stepford wives.
9. One of my ex-boyfriends still refers to me as 'the one that got away' and man oh man do I like that.
10. Despite my love for easy comfort food, I am a very skilled chef and took some amazing classes at the CIA in upstate New York.
11. My bucket list consists of several things such as a seeing a tornado, visiting Machu Picchu, the Amalfi Coast and the Yangtze River. I'd also like to speak fluent Italian, study cooking in Bordeaux, and write another book.

And of course- an illustration to go with...


  1. now THAT is a list to be proud of...why did you have to remind me of ankle grabbing clowns!

  2. hahaha I LOVE this post. It was so much fun learning a bit more about you. I cracked up laughing at the treadmill one. :D

    Happy Sunday!

  3. If my drawings don't scare people off, telling eleven things about me will.

    You are braver than I.

  4. Ooooh.... I've met some of those stepford wives where I live too!

  5. Nice post. Interesting read :) Always loved your typography.