Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

My first-born son is 13 years old today. Which I think makes him about 74 in dog years. I picked him out at a shelter- 500 dogs to choose from back then. He looked like a pint of Guinness - so there was an immediate love! lol. He's been with me through thick and thin, good times, bad times,  at least 3 fianc├ęs, dozens of boyfriends, city life, country life, marriage, kids... New York City, Westchester, Upstate NY, and now Massachusetts. He also came very close to being a New Zealand citizen.

He goes by Josh, Sir Josh-A-Lot, Joshmeister General, Josh-wosh-oo-wah, Joshy, Joshonater, Snoop Doggy Josh and Shnookems. He protects my children- and he's never destroyed anything- not a single shoe, toy, clothes, etc. Nothing. He is truly the best friend I've ever had.

Happy Birthday Josh.


  1. hello, happy birthday!
    you're AWESOME.
    but i dont understand... what is Illustrator & Design Whore?

  2. Ahhhh, thats so cute Lisa. My folks have a beautiful black staffy called Buddy; he gives the best hugs. Happy birthday Josh :-)

  3. Thanks ladies...
    Lakhsmita- that is a crazy, silly way of describing what I do- which is ANYTHING design related. :)

  4. Contrats to Josh! He's so handsome.

  5. Happy birthday Josh! What a cutie he is! And very handsome too :) My greyhound, Twiggy, sends Josh a big birthday doggy kiss!!!

  6. ahhh so sweet... Happy birthday Josh ! Lovely story :)

  7. awwww hahahahha lol :D
    you made me laugh!!!!!!
    i want to be your friend, you're so funny!
    but why cant i follow you???