Thursday, October 21, 2010

23 Illustrations in 2 days with 2 kids.

One of my clients gave me a very specific list of 15 editorial illustrations... i.e "girl in hospital bed", "setting the table", etc. Unfortunately I had to put it off until the last minute - and - HORROR - had to ask for a 1 day deadline extension. In the same 2 days, I worked on 8 new product designs  (which I cannot show yet) so all in all, a very productive week. I am really REALLY really looking forward to our vacation. Whew. Now I have to move on to Motorcycle Shop postcards, a cheese shop logo and a Border Patrol shirt. Hmph.


  1. oh man you are BIZZZZY! these are great little would fit in perfectly with nate + i, a million projects in a million different directions. and always feeling a bit crazed. wow.

  2. Ha!!! Thanks Salli- that makes me feel better. lol. :)

  3. You've got lots of balls in the air! Nice job handling it all... now go get some rest and relaxation!

    Looks like you are working on Halloween too... for NEXT year that is! : )