Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to Crazytown, I'm your captain... Captain Crazypants.

This is my 3rd map for "They Draw & Travel." I think I was trying to hard on the first two- this one is more "me." If you haven't looked at the blog--- GO. CLICK HERE.

double-click the image to enlarge... if you dare mwahahahahaha.
(I don't get out much.)


  1. oh what fun Lisa!!!! wonderful work!!! you have been creating all sorts of amazing pieces ....We are starting a new book project that is free for the first 100 Illustrators now...it is titled

    100 Illustrations - My Favorite Food...

    hope you join in!!!!

  2. Awesome! You are so funny girl! I can't believe you are onto number 3... I can't get past number one so far. Maybe I'll get it done soon...

    Do you ever sleep?

  3. I'm lovin' your recent pieces. And THIS one is a HOOT! So hysterical and fantastic! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. I love this! I totally guffawed (who uses this word anymore??) at #12!!! Going over to your site now to see more stuff. What a great, great piece of art! Dana