Saturday, July 23, 2011

Diversity in the Dining Room.

I work off my dining room table- hence the name of this post. It is smack dab in the middle of the house- amidst all the chaos, barbies, transformers, and tv show anthems blaring (I can't tell you how many conference calls I've been on when someone says "what's that noise?" and it's Dora the Explorer or Dinosaur Dan.)

This past week and the next few weeks have been chock full of really cool assignments. I couldn't ask for a better plate of projects. Here's a tiny montage of what I'm working on. This doesn't include the dozens of personal projects that lay half-done on my kitchen counter and bedroom floor (one of which is a map for TDAT of a bar in Westchester- "the best route to get a beer if you're a girl"- I really need to finish that.)

We've made the decision to establish a real office off the dining room- I don't have high hopes this will be done before 2015. ugh. I need to get my wand working.


  1. need to finish the westchester map cuz now i'm very curious and in need of some giggles. you are a nut. a crazy creative nut!!!! you are living proof of my mantra in the design world... "stay in motion".

  2. That map is my motivation- I keep telling myself that if I finish this big assignment that's due tomorrow- I can take a break by working on the map before moving on to the next assignment. It's a really messed up reward system... lol.