Saturday, November 28, 2009

Funny how time changes your opinion of a project. I despised this line when I worked on it 5 years ago. It was a nightmare to create from start to finish- but to this day, I still see it on the shelves in various stores and its taken a long time- but I finally like it. If you begin to hate a project, remind yourself of the big picture and how each and every design will make a really amazing visual timeline in your career. They become part of your designer "growth chart".


  1. Wow! I love the design and I am utterly impressed with your work! Wow!

  2. I love this packaging! In fact it is very familiar, where have I seen it? Williams Sonoma? Beautiful.
    I know how you feel though, sometimes I can't stand some projects I am working on until MUCH later when I can see it with fresh eyes.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Hehe, very fun stuff! me likey! check out my new stuff!:)